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       Physical therapy means "treatment with physical agents." Physical therapy has often been called "the cornerstone of rehabilitation" because the long road back from injury or disease begins with physical therapy treatments to relieve pain and restore function.
       The actual physical therapy stresses strengthening and stretching exercises, balance, and coordination training. Many of the disabled who seek treatment in rehabilitation centers have conditions beyond the help of definitive medical care. These patients need a dynamic and coordinated program to teach them to live effectively within the limits of their disability, but to the maximum of their capabilities.

       The rehabilitation process continues until the patient attains the greatest possible degree of independence, not only physically but also socially, mentally, economically, and vocationally.
       Patients are recipients of physical therapist examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention and have a disease, disorder, condition, impairment, functional limitation, or disability; clients engage the services of a physical therapist and can benefit from the physical therapist's consultation, interventions, professional advice, prevention services, or services promoting health, wellness, and fitness.
       We as Therapists target the problems in performance of movements, community activities, work tasks, or leisure activities and specifically directs the functional training to enable return to the community, work, or leisure environment.